How to make a great sign.

There are some things you can do to make a great sign. I have actually done studies on my own and have documented different technics that can be used to help your sign to be more effective. 1 st of all let's talk about color. Does the color of your signs really matter? Yes, but only up to a point. What matters most is you have contrasting colors such as black/white, red/white, black/yellow, blue/white and so on. Avoid darker colors with darker colors and of course light colors with light colors. For example black/blue, red/orange, white/yellow. These colors will not give you the best visual appearance.  Designs, design is very critical. This is probably the most important, keep it simple. I have done studies on my own on what design is the most effective. Keeping it simple is the most important. We all like to see our sign looking bright and fancy. Thinking this will make us look and feel good. The truth is that won't produce the most calls from your yard signs. Yard signs are generally viewed 20-40 feet away. And most generally in front of a home, business or road side. As we drive by in a car passing by a yard sign we are very limited to the time we have to read the sign. A few seconds on average. More now than ever we have to compete for those few seconds. Unfortunately as we drive we are also thinking about whats going on in our life, listing to music, eating, drinking, talking, adjusting radio's, using cell phones, putting on make up and hopefully watching the road. Maybe not all at once but you get the picture. The fewer the words the better. This will allow us to make the words bigger and easier to read. For example if you see a sign that reads ROOFING. Doesn't take much to figure out they work on roofs. If you need a roof repair your liable to call them to find out how much and who they are?  If you have just the name of your roofing company, lets call it J & S Enterprises. Then the words "we do roofing" under neath it, then it just wont be as effective. Many folks may not bother to read pass the "J & S Enterprises" because it just doesn't mean anything to them. For more information and examples of signs and how to make them please click on the link below "tips & templates.

Why are these signs so effective?

Ever wonder why these signs are so effective?
First of all they reach a lot of people. Let's say you put a sign in your yard or street corner. Imagine if you will for just a moment. How many vehicles drive by that location in a 24 hour period? And then let's say they drive one way and then back again the same way. So if they saw the sign the first time they may see it again the second time and it just may remind them to give you  a call. Or maybe they did not see it the first time but maybe they will on the way back. And that is just the first day. What if your sign was out for 2 days, a week or a month? The numbers just multiply an enormous amount.

Let's say you put out 10 signs in 10 different locations. Well someone may drive by one sign and think he/she needs to call but does not. Then they drive by another one of your signs and he/she is reminded to call again. 

Why do we care so much about our signs?

Before I got into the sign business 10 years ago I was doing a home business and needed some yard signs. I purchased them and tried them out. They worked really good so I went back later and purchased several more times. The service I received was so poor that I decided not to buy anymore signs because it was upsetting to get such bad service. So eventually I learned on my own how to make them. People just started ordering from me and next thing I know, I'm in the sign business. I never ever want to give bad service like that and I don't want you to be my competition or go somewhere else. So we really do care about doing a good job.