Turn Around Time:
​Normally we have your signs ready in 2-3 business days after you approve the proofs and you paid at least a 50% deposit. The only exception to that rule is the weather. Certain levels of humidity will cause the ink to not set properly. If the temperature is below 50 degrees then the humidity is not good for silk screening. If this is the case then we must wait until it warms up to 50 degrees to make the yard signs.

All jobs are required to have a proof approved in writing or by e-mail before we start any job. If you want to approve the proof by e-mail then just click on reply and type in the word "Proof Approved". 
Proof reading is critical.. Please DO NOT just take a quick glance and approve it without paying attention to detail. Ex. spelling, layout, correct phone numbers, grammar, punctuation, color & overall design. 
​I do not give refunds or remake signs should there be an error on your proof reading. 
Under no circumstances do we allow proofs to be approved by phone or texting.

Credit Cards & PayPal:
We do not include the cost of paying by credit card in the price. . We do pass on the 3% processing fees that the banks charge for using a credit card. We only use PayPal for paying with credit cards. So I will send you a invoice through PayPal for you to pay your invoice.​

Pick up times:
I will either call you or e-mail you or both when your signs are ready for pick up. All orders must be picked up and paid no later than 7 days after you were notified your signs are ready. 

We can ship our signs anywhere in the United States. Shipping is extra and you will be notified in advance what the cost will be.

Bad Checks:
Should you accidently have a check not clear we will be charged a fee from our bank. You will be responsible for paying that fee. Currently that cost is $15. 

Thanks to our Customers:
​We value you as a customer, and taking care of your sign needs is our highest priority. I would like to take this time to thank you for trusting us with your business. We go to great lengths to make sure you get your product as quick as we can. We take great pride that 87% of our customers are repeat customers. If you are satisfied with our services I would like to hear back from you. Please take a very brief moment to let us know by signing in to our Guest Book, Recommend Us button or both. 


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